For the remainder of my studies at Kings I will be maintaining this blog.  Its contents, including the feedback and comments I hope to receive will be included as part of my academic research and dissertation.   I really hope that this blog becomes a forum for a very real dialogue on the topic of body hair, and more precisely pubic hair.  I will discuss academic theory as well as popular & celebrity culture, advertising, pornography and whatever else I find that I think is relevant and interesting.  Hopefully along  the way we will learn something new and insightful !


As the content of this blog is of a private nature, all comments will remain anonymous.   Participation is voluntary and you are free to withdraw at any time during the blog debate and up until August 2016 when I will frantically be writing my dissertation.  By following and commenting on blogs posts, you understand that you are giving consent for your comments to be considered as part of an academic research dissertation.








4 thoughts on “About

  1. It has taken me a while to write on this blog, the reason for this is that it has generated a lot of thought about my hair removal practices. I’ve been trying to understand where the pressure has come from and the reasons why I go through the pain, hassle and money to look a certain way. I still haven’t managed to answer that question, but what I think is so important is to establish these types of platforms where were can discuss (both men and woman) topics which like periods a lot of people feel uncomfortable to acknowledge its existence let alone talk about.
    So when I was 11 I remember getting dark hairs on my leg and my mum said “DON”T SHAVE they will only grown back darker” but who always follows their mums advice. From then on, over 20 years I have waxed, shaved (with plenty of little mother f**cking annoying and painful shaving cuts), epilated and also lasered my hair. The most important thing for me appearance wise is having smooth legs, I like the way it looks and I like the way it feels. For my own personal taste, I hate having spikey legs. Arm pit hair however doesn’t bother me so much, but I feel that I have to remove it because of what others might think. Plus I feel more sweaty with hairy pits, winter and hairy armpits are good and summer not so good.
    Now the bikini region, this all depends on my relationship status and the person I am dating. I have noticed that some enjoy baldy and others are not so bothered. Personally for hygiene reasons I prefer neat and tidy but not 100% removed.
    I used to work in a museum where one of the artists mainly painted naked men and women, often recreating works of art from the renaissance. I never got over the reaction of the children when they saw the naked women, after having got over the fact of seeing a naked man and women they would ALWAYS ask me why the women had hairy armpits. This made me realised that we live in a society where children believe that a woman’s body is naturally hairfree because of what they see in the media. This is scary!! Just like those kids when asked where do vegetables come from the say “the supermarket”!

    I feel that this is the first time I have actually started to think about this topic seriously and I hope that we continue to discuss these types of issues and the pressures that society puts on women and men to look a particular way!!!!! Although I’m not happy about these pressures to look a certain I must admit that I have fallen into the trap and unfortunately despite the hassle, cost and mother f**king pain, comply and obey the system. 😦


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