Naked Attraction


Ok so I’m no longer activly working on this blog as I am now activly working on my diseration, but its only right that we talk about Naked Attraction, a new Channel 4 naked dating show.

Many of you have mentioned this to me because of its ‘content’ : naked people on a dating show choosing partners based on their private parts – sadly I’ve never seen an episode but it has been pointed out to me that a lot of the female contestants have bald vulvas and that it has pretty much gone unnoticed or commented upon on the show.  Surely this is confirmation that the hairless mons is now a totally taken-for-granted cultural norm ?    If any of you pubic watchers out there could confirm a lack of hair on the ladies on this show,  I’d appreciate your feed back as I’m State-side and can’t access CH4 on Demand.  Much obliged.

For those of you interested, you might want to read these two Huffington Post articles about the show.  One discusses a man choking on pubic hair (who now preferes nothing more than a midnight shadow on a lady) and the other is about a female (classy) contestant to thinks her vagina looks like beef curtains.

God I miss Cilla !