The Pornification of culture

Ok, so I’ve been thinking about porn again, not in that way… for academic purposes !  I wouldn’t be the first person to make the connection between the normalisation of pubic hair removal among women and the fact that we are living in an era when two generations of teens  come of age with readily available access to pornography, for free, via the internet.  Porn is but a click away for all of us, but for children as young as eleven (according to a recent report) potentially seeing such graphic imagery; you have to ask how this is affecting their sexuality?    It is difficult not to consider an early exposure to images of the female labia in all its hairless pornographic glory (not my opinion) as not in some way influencing young boys perception of what they think women should look like.   Conversations I have had with young women confirm that peer pressure from boys (when they were younger) , who would talk openly as well as  explicitly about what they saw in porn and how they expected women too look, did influence / encourage / pressure them to remove their hair down there, from as young as eleven.   I asked my daughter and her friend recently, if they had ever heard any negative things relating to pubic hair from their peers, and my daughters friend quickly responded,  ” yeah, last week Chris, (a boy their age) said’, “I’m just gonna put it out there girls, you need to get rid of the hair on your pussies”.   These girls are 14, lets face it I come from a generation of parents who just don’t realise how much pornography is being consumed by youngsters.



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