Guess her muff revistited

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As many of you will already know, I am in the ‘writing up’ part of my research.  Expect a lot of posts as I will do anything I possibly can to avoid the actual ‘writing up’ required.  Today I have been going through your comments on my posts to analyze and potentially use as part of my research  (it won’t take me long, there aren’t many…quality over quantity) and I noticed that everyday since this blog started back in May that I have received visits from all over the world.  Excluding the most up to date post page, the most popular page almost EVERY DAY is Guess Her Muff.  Who would have thought that after all my academic theory stuff that this would come out tops !  I thought you might be interested in a response I got from the people who ‘make’ this site (I’m presuming they tracked me down because of all the clicks they were receiving from this site).

Among other things this is what they said:

‘about 40% of the submissions are self submitted, the other remainder of the content of the site is attributed to freely available web resources’, they go on to say that the sites ‘original mission, some 10 or so years ago, was a look at breaking down stereotypes, a “not judging the book by the cover” scenario’.

This last line confused me a bit, were they having a laugh or do we all look at other women and instantly try and guess if she is a ‘smooth criminal’ or a ‘hairy Mary’ (your names, not mine).  I have to admit this sounds like rubbish to me, but if you think they are ‘breaking down stereotypes’ I’d love to hear from you.

Maybe we are all  a bit over exposed to sexual images that we see everywhere, every day on tv, movies, advertising –  do you think pornography has filtered down into all aspects of mass media ? maybe that’s why lots of us are opting for a hairless mons, because its in our faces – so to speak ?


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