All dressed up and no hair to go….

Some of you may have read this story yesterday as it appeared in a few news papers as well as numerous blogs and websites, thanks again to one of my blog followers who sent this to me. It is about a women who collected pubic hair via Twitter and made a dress out of it.   She is quoted as saying “I set to work with my eye mask, breathing mask and the thickest gloves I could find, because who wants to eat pubic hair? I thought of the design because of how gross it is. I thought what would be the worst thing to have on your dress.” In fact in most of the pieces written about her dress the words gross, disgusting and weird come up.


My 6 year old just got up and saw this picture and said, ‘oh mum that looks weird’, however she thought it was made of silk, I didn’t bother to point out what it was actually made of.

Here’s a link to the story:



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