Pubic hair referendum: Vote Leave, Vote Remain — you decide

imgresA pubic hair referendum – a vote in which everyone (or nearly everyone) of voting age can take part- LONDON GARDEN SUBURBS NEEDS YOU !


Well it is only fitting that I do a UK pubic hair referendum – right ?  I have around 50 avid (I hope) followers and I am now going to put it to a vote.  VOTE NOW – pubic hair stay or remain ?




  1. Pubic hair
  2.  Removal of pubic hair is  unhygienic and causes razor bumps  ingrown hairs and rashes
  3.  Pubic hair is natural and sexy
  4. Pubic hair collects pheromones which attract the opposite sex
  5. No pubic hair means more skin on skin contact which means more STDs
  6. I think its my choice but actually I’m internalizing expected social norms
  7. Pubic hair is a visual sign of reproductive maturity
  8. Porn doesn’t represent female genitalia – it represents an unrealistic female form
  9. Don’t comply to the beauty myth: Skinny, white, hairless ideal that we everywhere in mass media





  1. Pubic hair is dirty
  2. A smooth vulva is more hygienic
  3. No hair means more sensitivity and better sex
  4. Pubic hair is unattractive
  5. No pubic hair means less pubic lice
  6. It is my choice to do what I want with my body
  7. No hair is better for cunnilingus
  8. Bald vaginas make women look like young girls (infantilisation)
  9. European women are too hairy  ( don’t you remember 99 red balloons ? )

You can probably tell that I’m supposed to be writing an actual academic piece of work today, and of course am doing this instead.


7 thoughts on “Pubic hair referendum: Vote Leave, Vote Remain — you decide

  1. Remain of course!! What happens if the majority vote is leave? Do you get to resign from your masters degree and get some one else to take your place even though they have no idea what they are doing?


    • Ideedie Remain of course!!! As long as one keeps a tidy garden an ya box hedge trimmed, I’m in. Why would I choose a gara-baldy. Iv endured enough discomfort in my life why would I bring on any more. I’m not even curious. Not my kind a buiscuit…Iv died it pink before thought! So it’s not to say I’m not adventurous. And I sing to it every day “cos you make me feel like a natural Woman”….I bet Carol King doesn’t shave.

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