Feral Cheryl update


I left my laptop open this morning and my 14 year old read my ‘Feral Cheryl’ post.  Her response:
‘why does a doll have to look like a hippy to have pubic hair’ ?

Happily, I think my research has had a positive reaction on my daughter.   Is it having the same effect  on you ? is there any one out there that is thinking about changing your pubic coiffure habits, based on issues raised here,  or alternatively do you think this research is pointless  ? please share,  remember it is all in the name of academic research.   For those just looking, you can follow this blog by hitting the follow button on the home page and adding your details (if you want to post anonymously, give yourself a cyber name, the one to beat is  ‘smooth criminal’.   For those already following,  go on, get involved.  Her are some subjects I’m currently researching for future posts:

Pornography and the’ Hollywood’ look – are they related ?  – this is what most people think is the impetus for the popular shaven haven look

Hygiene: concepts of cleanliness (pubic hair as dirty and grotesque) – much of the previous academic research suggests that women cite hygiene as the main reason for removing pubic hair

What d’you reckon ?


2 thoughts on “Feral Cheryl update

  1. never mind pubic hair,Action man had no genitalia at all and, from the 1980’s on, had blue plastic underpants welded onto him.


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