Poilorama / Arte / Hairorama


I’d like to thank one of my readers ‘Ruggier’ for drawing my attention to a French art based TV station called Arte.tv whose content is in French but translated into four languages.  Each week I will post one of series of 10 shorts entitled Hairorama, which of course is all pube related.   Here is our first installment:

Hairorama (1/10)  ‘Horrible, Dirty, Smelly’


Come back to me with any thoughts on these shorts.  They touch on a lot of interesting points.  I’m loving the image above – be curious if anyone would like to try to give it an artistic reading !  Also if you have any pubic hair questions – ask me a question and I will do my best to answer, backed up with whatever theory (or media discourse) that I can find.

Btw, I got 269 views in one day last week which translated into 18 new followers ! Thank you.  The user names you choose continue to make me laugh, my favourite to date is ‘Smooth Criminal’.






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