London Garden Suburbs needs you !


As you all know, this research blog is for a thesis project I’m doing at Kings College London on pubic hair practices in contemporary society. I need followers and commentators so I can analyse what you say in conjunction with academic theory.  This will then be added to existing (but limited) data on pubic hair. My main interest in considering how media text (film, advertising, video, telly etc) engage in a discourse that situates pubic hair in its natural state as unacceptable (dirty, ugly, just plain wrong), and how this influences the decisions we make when engaging in our own grooming practices.  Pubic hair discourse is everywhere and is very topical, but it is also important  to figure out why it is such a hot subject right now because so many of us (usually younger members or society) are regularly removing their pubic hair.  It seems to cross gender boundaries as men and women are increasingly and very regularly removing their hair. It seems to cross class and racial boundaries as well. Its fascinating but also worrying (I have talked to lots of young people that agree) that there is an expected pressure today to be hairless.  I am a mum of three, and I don’t want my kids to feel this pressure, but sadly I think they will.  I am reiterating this again just in case some of you didn’t really grasp what I’m trying to do here.

Please can I ask again that you share this blog with your friends and colleagues and empathize the importance of following the blog but also commenting, otherwise the project won’t work. I’m getting lots of site visits but not enough comments and followers.




2 thoughts on “London Garden Suburbs needs you !

  1. Initially I couldn’t see how to follow this blog.

    In case others are finding the same… you simply scroll right to the bottom of the blog home page and there is a box to enter your email address with a Follow button. You’ll then receive an email containing a confirm link you need to click. And that’s it.


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