Guess her muff…

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Hi all,

Apologies for the wall of silence.  I’ve been researching pubic hair practices in Cuba.  My plan was to upload this little beauty just before I left in case it caused a shit storm – but I ran out of time.  So here it is.

I’d like to draw your attention to a website called ‘Guess Her Muff’.   The above image is a screen shot from the site that was posted on it today.  The premise is that you click on an image and are prompted to guess the women’s grooming (or lack of) choices from the following list:


Once your click on your choice you get to see exactly and graphically what is going on down there.  I have to admit, I played the game,  for the purpose of research and it is kind of funny, but not really.  It is like ‘readers wives’ but more explicit.  What can I say, it is wrong on a multitude of levels !  However what interests me  is that almost always ‘the bald’ vagina comes up with the highest numbers of guesses  (as exampled below).

73% Guess Her Muff is Bald (Shaven/Waxed)
8% Guess Her Muff is Trimmed
7% Guess Her Muff is Natural/Hairy
5% Guess Her Muff is Landing Strip
5% Guess Her Muff is Patch
2% Guess Her Muff is Vajazzled

Furthermore, there are 286 pages (15 images a page) of the ‘bald’ shaven look, which is twice as much as all the other categories put together.   Most of what there is to say about this is pretty damn obvious.  Firstly, I will make the assumption that this site is aimed a men due to its – er – content. Then there are all kinds of questions like have these women deliberately posed for these photographs? If they have, why? What’s in it for them?, and of course is the bald shaven vagina really that popular ? Really…

Here’s the link for those of you who want to play along.  Warning this site is definitely ADULT ONLY – (do not look at work, or if kids are in the same room !)