And she is under starters orders….

You are probably here because you are either a fellow student at King’s College London, or you are a friend or colleague whose heard me banging on (and on) about my pubic hair research blog.  As I said in my first post, my plan is to upload and share as much information relating to pubic hair and pubic hair media discourse in an attempt to figure out what is going on with our hair ‘down there’.  Some of my posts will be light-hearted, some with a bit of academic theory (as I’m writing a dissertation it seems appropriate), and some just crude, rude and shocking.  My aim however isn’t to shock or insult, but to engage in some social commentary with you all about who we are, how we feel and how media representations of women and pubic hair might effect the choices we make about our own pubic grooming practices.

Please stay tuned.  There is more to come, and be sure to take another look at the ‘about page’ as this will give a better explanation of how your feedback will aid my research and  your rights as a contributor.





One thought on “And she is under starters orders….

  1. Up until having a boyfriend I wasn’t aware of how little men cared about pubic hair compared to how much I thought they did. I built it up in my head that having hair was seen as an embarrassment, dirty or not ‘cool’ . I think this was a combination of media influence, particularly the porn industry where a lot of the woman have gone through plastic surgery, bleaching, laser treatment for hair and this is what a lot of young men seem to watch – building up a far from realistic idea of what to expect from girls.


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