The birth of a blog

tumblr_msumqfWCd51qzrdsyo1_1280My name is Nicola, and I am a post-graduate student within the Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries at King’s College London.  A substantial part of my degree and final grade will be based on my dissertation project.   I’ve decided to go down a ‘not so conventional route’ that is gaining a lot of attention at the moment.  What’s going on with women (and some men) and their pubes ?   My research is concerned with the ever changing facade, well you know what I mean,  of pubic hair in contemporary Western society.  You see, in recent years there has been a distinct shift from ‘the full bush’ of the late 1970s and 1980s to what I like to call ‘the total eclipse’ (none or very little pubic hair).  I’d like to know why.  It may seem to some of you that this is a topic unworthy of academic study, however I believe it is a topic that deserves an honest and thorough interrogation.  I have my suspicions that pubic hair practices today, and the reasons behind why we are increasingly choosing to do so are complicated, is it really just simply because it makes us feel good / sexy / attractive or is there a deeper entanglement with culture, consumption, pornography and the media ?

For the remainder of my studies at Kings I will be maintaining this blog.  Its contents, including the feedback and comments I hope to receive will be included as part of my academic research and dissertation.   I really hope that this blog becomes a forum for a very real dialogue on the topic of body hair, and more precisely pubic hair.  I will discuss academic theory as well as popular & celebrity culture, advertising, pornography and whatever else I find that I think is relevant and interesting.  Hopefully along  the way we will learn something new and insightful !

I’d be grateful if you’d check in from time to time and lend your voice to the conversation.


32 thoughts on “The birth of a blog

  1. Was actually having a chat with friends yesterday about how we all felt pressured from about the age of 12/13 to shave because boys in school would talk about it being a disgusting thing if a girl had hair there. Really interesting to hear what people will say about it!


  2. Funnily enough myself and a friend were discussing the whole beard trend of late…..and the subject of women’s personal hygiene regarding your topic was mentioned. Personally we agreed that we thought this fad started perhaps in the porn industry and crossed over into mainstream media beauty tips!!! Lol!!! It seems very common now in women between 18-24 in the UK & US (you’d need a citation, as I’m just guessing)! We also both agreed that we preferred to keep it tight, tidy and trim opposed to the going bare down there, the prevailing reason being the risk of infections, let alone the pain and irritation that goes with the whole procedure. Lastly the childlike association is a deal breaker. Hope that helps your primary research!! Good luck Nic!! Xxx


  3. Signed up!
    I’d be curious to know whether postfeminist discourses that encourage empowerment and choice above all else condemn or embrace pubic hair (ie. women magazine claiming to ‘be yourself’ with articles about not shaving/trimming/waxing and then 2 pages later show a completely bare model)


    • I have a lot of very interesting stuff to discuss from a post feminist perspective in coming blogs. Arguably pubic hair falls very much within the choice rhetoric – pubic hair removal is considered by many to be a very personal, self motivated decision – but are we just internalising a hairless body ideal and regurgitating it as free choice ?


      • yes! I think that’s a very interesting paradox, the relationship between choice and societal expectations. As if waxing your pubic hair is a form of self expression and self realization. Do you always feel ‘free’ when you pluck your hair?


  4. Shaving is for Pussies! I wax myself every time with a large glass of wine! Only what is nesessary. Short back and sides required when wearing a bikini so as not to scare other holiday makers…Not too bothered rest of the year. I would say that’s a generation thing, being 42,. But I do worry that young girls are far more media pressured to look a certain way to please men and think men prob care much less than they think.


    • Hey Superfurryanimal,

      Just reading a report (about pubes of course) and apparently the most cited reason for pubic hair alternation is so that it ‘doesn’t stick out on the beach’. Age also is relevant as the highest numbers of women who remove some or all of their pubes tend to be under 25 ! please make sure you are following this blog and adding more comments – londongardensuburbs needs you !


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